All photography produced by Salem Arh


A University of Central Florida graduate with a B.S. in Psychology (2011) and a B.A. in Creative Writing (2014). A Denver Publishing Institute graduate (2014) certified in Publishing. Salem has worked with The Florida Review and Backwaters Press in editing, publishing, proof-reading, and community outreach; Alpha Phi Omega with marketing and recruitment; various businesses with sales design materials; and has completed freelance design projects for USAF CSO classes and self-published authors. She has a passion for precision, craft, and innovation; and each project yields tailored results. Her current endeavors include book reviews, independent proof-reading and editing, and of course, her own writing.



The business of words. Deconstruct, dissect, analyze, and reassemble written language. Protect the Oxford comma at all costs. Contribute to the improvement and evolution of the medium. Help writers write, and readers read.