Creative Writing Response: 5

Read Salamun (338) and follow the pattern to write a poem expressing what you have.


I have two dogs. My dogs have wet noses.

I have a notebook. In my notebook are my dreams.

I have a mother. My mother is mentally ill.

I have a hoodie. I have a hoodie to hide me.

I have artwork. I have artwork to have inspiration in my room.

I have Chris. I have Chris because I love him.

I have a pocket knife. With a pocket knife I cut threads.

I have a mind. With a mind, I do the most beautiful things that I do.

I have expectations. Expectations cause me many troubles.

I have hope. Hope comes to me through helping others.

I have fun playing games. I play games because gameplay is fun.

I have no money. Without money, I am free.

I have no good poems. I hope I will write better ones.

I am twenty-five years old. All these years have been spent searching.

I am relatively resilient. With this resilience I survive turmoil.

I have birthday January twenty-eighth. I hope January twenty-eighth will not be another new beginning.

I have a friend whose ferret’s name is Pig. During visits I hold him when I cry and he licks my nose.