Drabble 9

The first time Revelin and Bacchus sleep together, Revelin is flushed and flustered, embarrassed as a virgin maid. He’s not used to the heat or swelling that tightens his trousers or the scrape of beard that frames soft kisses against his throat. Large, calloused hands are foreign to him as they slide beneath his shirt and waistcoat, as they clutch his hips. And when Bacchus sinks to his knees with a smirk the Devil himself couldn’t wear better, Revelin’s legs go weak and he falls heavily against the door of the hotel room to catch himself. Bacchus is quick to unbuckle his belt and slip his trousers from his hips, but it’s when Bacchus takes Revelin’s cock into his mouth that Revelin becomes well and truly embarrassed. He isn’t familiar with the sensation of lips and tongue or the gentle sucking. He isn’t used to how glorious it feels when Bacchus’ throat tightens around him in a swallow. Revelin’s voice and breath hitch, whimpering a warning as he’s brought to the edge embarrassingly quick. But Bacchus continues and Revelin spends himself on his friend’s tongue with a strangled gasp. Bacchus kisses him afterwards, and Revelin is shocked to find his cock twitching between his legs at the taste, at how Bacchus’ own cock is throbbing against his thigh. Revelin fears he’ll be expected to return the favor, but instead, he’s led to the worn mattress where Bacchus lays him down the way Revelin had with Lydia on their wedding night. He doesn’t understand the…mechanics of men’s intimacy, but he has plenty of time to imagine the possibilities as Bacchus meticulously strips him of every article of clothing and kisses every inch of bared flesh. But instead of trepidation, Revelin finds he only feels anticipation. He sits up and assists in disrobing Bacchus, taking the opportunity to learn the taste of his friend’s skin with wet kisses. When they are both as God originally created them, Revelin’s cheeks flush anew. He stammers how he’s never—but he’s silenced with a thorough kiss from Bacchus that leaves him breathless. Bacchus assures him that everything will be all right. Bacchus asks Revelin to trust him. So with a faint nod and another kiss, Revelin does.