The Alphabet Exercise

I'd been suffering from writer's block for a while. In fact, I had to put all of my writing completely on hold for the last year so I could focus on finishing up my Psychology degree (working full-time and going to school without any sort of financial aid is a lot harder than it sounds!). I spent my time doing as much reading and researching as my busy schedule would allow. Between work, class, and my community service organization, I'm surprised I found time to sleep (if you could call about 4 hours a night sleep). During that time, however, I stumbled upon an exercise that some other folks in some of the video game and comic fandoms I follow had begun using: the Alphabet Exercise. Basically, choose a character, then for each letter of the alphabet, write a story about him/her, to explore his/her character more. Because I wanted to use this as a means of working on my novel as a whole, I decided to use the exercise to explore the entire cast, using each letter to focus on an individual character.

You'll find these scattered about this blog, I'm sure. I haven't gotten too far into it, but I have a few short stories, a few "fanfictions" or alternate universe pieces for my novel, and a few random scenes or drabbles that I intend to post. So if you see anything pertaining to a single letter, you'll know it's a piece of this exercise.

Hope you enjoy!